Funding and support

All students offered a place on the PhD programme receive full funding, which includes a tax-free stipend (£23,500 per year) and a tuition fee waiver. The stipend is paid on a monthly basis from 1 september for a total of 60 months.

All students are expected to apply for alternative support for which they are eligible (e.g. funding from their home countries).  Some current students have received funding from organisations such as AXA and RADMA. 


In addition, the school offers many other sources of generous funding to support PhD research. For example, London Business School currently has a number of research institutes (Leadership institute, the institute of innovation and entrepreneurship, the AQR asset management institute, the Wheeler institute of business and development) from which PhD students can bid for funds to support their research including travel, the procurement of data or to extend their stipends to a longer period. Our students are consistently awarded substantial funds from this institute, which enables them to pursue ambitions, research and projects.


Students are provided with an individual student budget of £3,500 for the duration of the programme to cover costs incurred for academic purposes such as conference attendance, subscriptions, books, IT softward/ equipment, etc.


Finally, students have the opportunity to do paid research and teaching assistance work.




There is no residential accommodation at the School, but students can apply for accommodation in some of the University of London Intercollegiate Halls of Residence. A number of these also have accommodation for couples and families. 

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The University of London Housing Services also provides information on privately rented accommodation. Their informative website is a useful starting point.

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Living costs


Living costs in London vary considerably according to individual circumstances and lifestyle. If you are accepted on the PhD programme, you will be provided with further information regarding accommodation options that students have chosen in the past and their cost.

Visit our Moving to London page for more information.