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Develop a practical toolkit to value companies and capital projects, and make investment decisions.

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Programme impact

Learn why value is more than just a price

Do you really know a company's worth? The more quantitative the model, the better the valuation. Take your corporate finance knowledge and insight to the next level.

  • Equip yourself with rigorous valuation tools, and learn how to value real investment projects, stocks and bonds, and cross-border investments.

  • Deepen your knowledge of assets and liabilities, make better financial decisions and discover how to value alternative assets. 

  • Benefit from hands-on technical know-how to calculate the cost of capital, value real assets and think about investment decisions.

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of capital market behaviour, risk and net present value.

  • Equip yourself with rigorous valuation tools and learn to make sound judgement calls about the value of your business.

  • Develop the confidence to lead on restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, financing challenges and opportunities facing your organisation.

Right for you

Right for you

This programme is suitable for professionals making or advising on investment decisions, people in finance roles from any industry with a need to build expertise in valuation, and those responsible for optimising the valuation of their organisation.


of professional experience

on average



on average per cohort

Attendees include:

  • Analysts.

  • Consultants and Strategists.

  • Investors.

  • Economists.

  • Lawyers.

  • Financial Planners and Advisors.

  • Board members.

Who attends

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Programme content

Learn to get valuation right

Enhance your investment decisions by adopting robust valuation models from this intensive and technical programme.

  • Discover capital budgeting and appraisals, examine the workings of capital markets, and master the principles of capital structure.

  • Explore a range of valuation tools and techniques, including how to apply cash flow analysis, cost of capital analysis, and risk analysis.

  • Understand intricacies of illiquidity and optimal financing, including key issues like governance, cross-border transactions and leverage.

  • Perform valuations on private companies like Google and Nike, using real-world cases. Learn how to put a value on any firm in a global context.

Our faculty

Experts in the field

Draw inspiration from world-leading academics who blend cutting-edge research with practical insights for a dynamic learning experience.

Certificate in Finance

This programme can also be taken as part of the Certificate in Finance. Gain the knowledge and tools to build expertise in finance. Customise your learning by selecting four courses from our extensive, world-class portfolio.

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