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The PhD Programme’s mission is to educate outstanding scholars who will be sought after at leading business schools, universities and other research institutions. Research-oriented business schools offer some of the most exciting and well-resourced environments in which to conduct interdisciplinary social science. At London Business School, a commitment to training the next generation of business scholars is central to our overall research activities. Our PhD programme leverages the School’s acclaimed research faculty, while providing generous funding and infrastructural support.


We are fully committed our PhD students’ success. They work closely with faculty on cutting-edge research spanning a broad range of disciplines and topics. Through rigorous coursework and supervised and joint research, our students are equipped to work and thrive at the frontiers of knowledge in their chosen subject area. Each year our graduates move on to intellectually rewarding careers in major business schools and research institutions around the world. Their work has a profound impact on the thoughts and actions of academics, business leaders and policy makers.


Your time at London Business School will be seriously busy, filled with intellectual challenge in a collaborative environment. With faculty and fellow students you will exchange and debate ideas and methods, sharpening your critical faculties, learning to think like a scholar. Quality of thought is a public good here at London Business School, with improvements in your own thinking generating a positive spill-over to the entire community of students and faculty. You will be expected to work hard but, rest assured, your efforts will bring the highest payoff.


My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you to the next generation of business scholarship at London Business School.

Isabel-f--236-300Isabel Fernandez-Mateo

Adecco Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

PhD Programme Chair

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  • Location: London

    Applications for 2020: Admissions will open on 13th September 2019, and close on 08th December 2019 at 23:59 GMT.

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