About LBS

Where minds come alive

London Business School is one of the world’s leading business schools, redefining business practice and transforming careers across the globe. Through diverse perspectives, evidence-based research and premium learning experiences we encourage our community to challenge the status quo, to outthink challenges and to free up people to define their own success, in a truly unique academic environment.

Original thinking

We are fuelled by knowing how to think, not what to think. Our fundamental academic strength drives original, provocative and practical thinking. Our learning environment, consulting, research, service delivery and ethical standards are world-class. Academically rigorous ourselves, we expect and receive extraordinarily high standards from all of our students and participants.

The spirit of London

Our location in the heart of the UK capital is the oxygen that breathes life and dynamism into our people and ideas. Our campus surroundings are home to world-leading business and culture, offering limitless exploration and inspiration on the doorstep of our students.

Global community

We are a global school. Our students, staff, faculty, alumni and corporate partners come from every corner of the world and are all plugged into a powerfully connected network. Our diversity creates a highly unique, multicultural learning environment, where collaboration and innovation thrives. Fuelled by a spirit of generosity and challenge, our world-wide community inspires, encourages and rewards. Allowing our people to forge meaningful connections, seek new knowledge and experiences, and shape their minds to become leading business professionals.