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Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity have always been a cornerstone of London Business School’s values. We pride ourselves on being an institution that welcomes people from all backgrounds, countries, cultures, identities and orientations.


The 150,000 individuals from 130 countries who have studied and worked at LBS over the years are members of a diverse global community that continues to flourish.


Our diverse community



The Diversity Working Group

The Diversity Working Group (DWG) drives initiatives to develop inclusion and diversity within London Business School. The DWG reports to Management Board, which is accountable for our diversity strategy and activities.

Students, staff and faculty are all represented on the DWG, which is led by Professor Nader Tavassoli.


Our goals


1. Increase the number of applications from female candidates, with the aim of boosting the proportion of female faculty and students on all programmes.

2. Promote an ethos where all are welcome whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity. Encourage applications from students, staff and faculty within the LGBTQ community.

3. Develop a more ethnically diverse workforce and student body and encourage further participation from ethnic minorities throughout the School community.

4. Build an understanding of disability within the School and identify areas for development.

5. Build understanding of generational differences and identify areas for development in order to attract and retain an age-diverse workforce.


You can read the objectives in full by downloading them here.


Some of the ways we promote inclusion and diversity: 

  • Female role models and women speakers at School events play a key role in encouraging more female faculty and students to join the School. Our Women in Business Club holds the prestigious Women in Business Conference each year and is one of the largest clubs on campus.
  • We host the EUROUT conference for students and alumni from top business schools across Europe. The conference features key speakers from major international companies and celebrates the achievements of the LGBTQ community in business. View our Out in Business Club.
  • Accessibility is at the heart of our future estates policy and we partner with AccessAble – the leading provider of access information for disabled people in the UK. Our campus is listed on the AccessAble website.
  • Tattoo – a multicultural festival celebrating the diversity of the school takes place once a year. It involves food, drink, music, dance and lots of exciting entertainment from all around the world, courtesy of 21 regional clubs.

Find out more

Inclusion and diversity information is available on our policy and legislation page or email


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