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The Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA) has been specifically designed with your future career success in mind. The result is a transformative experience that draws together innovative thinking, fundamental theory and real-life case studies, all in the international finance capital of the world.



Kick off your journey at Orientation and join other Early Career students as you get to know your classmates. At the very start of your journey you’ll take part in an outdoor leadership programme, visit key London landmarks, attend career workshops and most importantly, build your teamwork skills.


Core courses

Taught by the world’s leading finance and accounting faculty, the core courses are the backbone of the MFA experience and provide you with the fundamentals of finance.



Customise your MFA experience and diversify your knowledge and networks with our choice of electives.


Personal and Leadership Development

Key to your long-term career success is the development of critical leadership competencies that grow and evolve over time. At LBS you are challenged to learn more about yourself: your strengths and weaknesses, your perceptions and your outlook. You develop self-analysis and critical thinking tools to find learning gaps and opportunities for growth. Tools that will help you get where you need to go now. And empower you to deliver as a leader throughout your career.


Skills development

To stand out in the job market you need to demonstrate that you can hit the deck running and deliver immediate impact. Complementing your class experience is a comprehensive skills development programme that has been designed in collaboration with global recruiters. You take it from theory to hands-on practice, mastering the latest in finance tools and practices.


From big data processing to modelling via excel training and more, you develop a state-of-the-art skill set that differentiates you from the competition and empowers you to do meaningful business from the word go.


Global Immersion Field Trips

Global exposure is a key differentiator in world-class leadership development. Faculty-led field trips take you beyond what you know and explore the broader themes of social impact, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Immersive and transformative, trips are your chance not only to approach problems in different cultural and business contexts. They are a chance to apply your learning. Work directly with communities and deliver concrete impact, gain hands-on experience and broaden your perspective. Trips are organised to a diverse range of locations and business sectors.


London Business Challenge Week

Real-world exposure is key to translating theory into practice. During the London Business Challenge Week you will get hands-on experience through visits to top London-based financial organisations, case studies and simulations.



Language skills are invaluable for building successful relationships and career success in a global business environment. As part of your Personal Development, you gain new perspectives and cultural insights by learning a second language, an exit requirement of the programme.

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