Achieve your potential and secure your first job in finance

Take advantage of our prime London location, industry contacts and world-class financial reputation – position yourself for immediate and long-term career success.

At the heart of the world’s financial capital, you’ll have access to a fantastic alumni community. Employers recruit from London Business School (LBS) because they recognise the potential of our students. We understand what recruiters are looking for because when designing the programme, we asked them – and then shaped the curriculum, experiential learning, Personal Development Programme, Career skills programme and admissions criteria to meet these needs.

Discover more about the career impact our MFA2018s enjoyed after graduation.



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We know what you need

To help you land that crucial first post-MFA role, we’ve made sure that the programme gives you:

  • the finance knowledge to impress at interview and beyond
  • access to a wide range of recruitment options
  • professional and careers skills to enable you to communicate your value, with impact, to potential employers
  • a global alumni network for you to draw on throughout your career.

How to get a job in….

Discover more about the variety of different industries and locations our first graduating class are currently working in, and how they secured their roles.

  • M&A – targeting bulge bracket and boutiques in Hong Kong

    Background: Engineering degree, limited work experience.

    Student’s actions:

    • Researched desired roles before joining LBS

    • Used VMock (algorithm based database) to compare CV to successful alumni now working in investment banking

    • Extensively used the analyst recruitment guide of the Career Centre to prepare for interviews

    • Cover letter and CV overhaul with Careers team

    • Networked extensively with alumni working in M&A

    • Intensive interview preparation, mock interviews with Peer Leaders and Career Coaches

    Result: Summer analyst investment banking role with international bank in Hong Kong, which converted to full time offer.

  • Consulting – boutique firm in London

    Background: Management degree, internship experience in audit.

    Student’s actions:

    • Talked through options and progress with Career Coaches and Sector Leads

    • Took full advantage of mock assessment centres to improve team-working and communication skills

    • Prepared case studies with the support of Peer Leaders and Consulting team of the LBS Career Centre

    • Used LBS Case Study to prepare with other students across all programmes

    Result: Full-time role as consultant in a boutique firm in London.

  • Investment banking – international firm in Switzerland

    Background: Mathematics degree, internship experience in securities and wealth management.

    Student’s actions:

    • Planned timeline of major financial institution firms recruitment via Excel

    • Attended on- and off-campus recruitment events

    • Used Career Centre job postings extensively

    • Collaborated with classmates on job information sharing and interview preparation

    • Major firm interviews in October and November - job offers in November

    Result: Full-time analyst level role with international investment bank.

  • Sales and trading – in France

    Background: Finance degree, internship experience in broker dealing.

    Student’s actions:

    • Worked with Career Coach to understand available resources to network successfully with alumni

    • Planned and conducted informational interview with alumni now working in sales and trading

    • Collaborated with current students and alumni to gather more information on the French market

    • Took part in mock interviews with Career Coach and technical interviews with Peer Leaders

    Result: Full-time analyst level role with international financial institution.

  • Private equity – in China

    Background: Economics degree, internship experience in investment banking.

    Student’s actions:

    • Reviewed networking emails with Career Coach

    • Worked with Sector Managers to identify private equity firms operating in China

    • Used Peer Leader sessions to gain a better understanding of the skills required to work in private equity

    • Collaborated with other students to organise events with the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club

    Result: Secured full-time private equity role in Beijing

  • Fintech – in London

    Background: Economics degree, internship experience in investment banking.

    Student’s actions:

    • Planned networking sessions with alumni now working in fintech

    • Attended on- and off-campus fintech events

    • Used Career Centre job postings to find out more about the job content and pre-requisites for the role

    • Collaborated with Fintech Sector Manager to identify suitable positions

    Result: Long-term internship with a fintech start-up.

  • Finance role, corporate sector – in London

    Background: Finance degree, internship experience in private banking.

    Student’s actions:

    • Actively worked with Career Coach to have CV and cover letter ready for finance roles in the corporate sector

    • Networked with alumni now working in the company to secure a referral

    • Worked with Peer Leaders to prepare mock interviews

    • Attended mock assessment centre, alongside other business schools, to improve communication and teamwork skills

    Result: Successfully secured a finance role in a tech company.

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