Milind Goel

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Management Science and Operations


MSc (London Business School), BArch (School of Planning and Architecture Delhi)


Milind Goel is a doctoral candidate in Management Science and Operations Research (MSO) at the London Business School, with a concentration in Financial Economics.

Prior to joining an LBS PhD, Milind founded and led a financial technology venture that developed proprietary algorithms to optimise real estate assets for private equity firms. He has worked with and consulted for organisations across United Kingdom, India, Japan, New Zealand, and Singapore on a wide array of projects, including algorithmic trading, artificial intelligence, green financing, infrastructure planning, disaster recovery, and spatial optimization.

Through the doctoral program, Milind hopes to extend the frontier of operations research and to develop novel cross-disciplinary applications by integrating his passions for computer science, financial economics, architectural design, and statistics. At the London Business School, he has worked with MSO and Finance faculty on choice modelling, deep learning, healthcare operations, portfolio optimization, real estate finance, asset pricing, and supply chain management.

Milind was awarded the Founder’s Award by the LBS Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship and was selected as a Young Leader by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology CRE. Milind holds a black-belt in full-contact karate, and spends his spare time on anatomical sketches, open-world video games and exploration of London’s hidden alleyways. He is always seen with a cup of coffee.