Is it right for me?

  • Are you a high calibre functional manager, executive or entrepreneur with the potential and ambition to become a truly global, multi-skilled business leader?
  • Do you have between seven and 22 years of experience and a strong professional track record?
  • Are you ready to make a significant career transformation within your organisation?


If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are ready to take on an academic challenge that hones your business skills and gives you the confidence to take that next career step. 


Student motivations


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Zeina El Kaissi developed her leadership and change management skills alongside other experienced professionals. Find out more »


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Atte Miettinen recommends fostering relationships and developing a diverse network with your EMBA peers. Find out more. »


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Jimmy Maymann reignited his entrepreneurial spirit and went on to create GoViral. Find out more. »

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Dr Anshul Govila can now be confident and decisive in the boardroom rather than just in the operating theatre.



To be ready for our career-changing Executive MBA you need to be: 





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Take the new Executive Assessment (EA) that has been uniquely developed for time sensitive executives. The assessment is easy to schedule, short in duration, and requires only modest preparation.

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