Learning experience

Whether you study in London or Dubai, you learn from some of the most stimulating faculty and business practitioners in the world. Our world-class faculty are renowned for their academic prowess, hands-on experience and passion to communicate innovative business ideas.

Study group

Group work is at the heart of the collaborative learning experience. At the start of the programme, you’re assigned to a study group with five or six students of different backgrounds and key strengths. Together you complete tasks and projects, increasing your self-awareness and teamwork skills. Your group’s close bonds and camaraderie help you manage the demands of study, work and family life. Below please find an example of the diversity you can expect within a study group:

Gender Nationality Industry Job Title Company
M British Construction / Mining Corporate Pensions Manager / in-house Actuary Balfour Beatty
F Russian Finance Senior Funding Manager European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
M French Legal Chief Executive Officer Patentopolis BV
M Canadian Electronics Finance Director Apple Europe Limited
F British / Nigerian Finance Director, Head of Investment Strategy Thomas Miller Investment
M Romanian Insurance Chief Executive Officer ING Pension Fund

Private study

You can expect to set aside around 20 hours per week of individual study time, though this will vary at different points in the programme and on your elective choices and exams.


You are assessed on a mix of individual projects, examinations, class participation, group assignments and class presentations. On graduation, you attain a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree from London Business School.