Core courses

Develop leadership skills and acquire vital tools and frameworks to apply to your work, immediately.


Corporate finance

Analyse the two key goals of the financial function: to invest wisely and to finance a company effectively. Examine the investment decisions companies make and financial market decisions such as capital structure.


Corporate social responsibility and business ethics

Learn how to ensure that a business acts ethically, and with integrity and professionalism, by adhering to standards and creating your own.


Data analytics for leaders

Develop the tools to make informed data-reliant decisions. Discover data analytics on a practical level focusing on concepts and reasoning.


Decision and risk analysis 

Accurately evaluate the impact of risk on your business to improve your decision-making and performance.


Developing effective leaders and organisations 

Explore how an individual’s personality, motivation and leadership style effect their working relationships. Examine macro-organisational issues and apply diagnostic analysis.


Developing entrepreneurial opportunities 

Examine the unique challenges involved in leading an entrepreneurial venture and assess a real entrepreneurial opportunity to produce a feasibility study. 


Financial accounting

Master the financial accounting skills that every executive needs to be able to communicate company results and make accounting choices. This includes computing and interpreting basic financial ratios, and exploring the reasons behind international differences in reporting. 


Introduction to management accounting

Examine basic accounting techniques and the impact of strategic and organisational change on accounting information. Learn about accounting for delegated decision making.


Executive Leadership  

Develop your interpersonal skills and apply core leadership techniques to persuade others and drive change. Group exercises show you how to make the best of your potential as a leader. 


Managerial economics

Study how organisations behave under different market structures by exploring the logic and language of microeconomics, focusing on prices, markets, incentives and optimal decision-making.



Learn about branding, brand management, targeting and positioning, pricing strategies and segmentation.


Operations management 

Master methods to lead operations in changing business environments with a productivity and customer service focus.


Strategic management

Strengthen your strategic-thinking abilities to be able to evaluate strategic options to anticipate and execute strategic change. 


Understanding general management 

View your role in the wider context of society and consider how creating an effective working environment benefits economic and social progress. Highlighting the professional challenges and responsibilities you face, this course delivers a framework to draw on your own experience.


Understanding the international macroeconomy

Study the forces that shape the corporate environment, the context within which firms operate and the importance of understanding macro-organisational issues.


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