LBS launches new Masters in Analytics and Management

New programme bridges gap between data science and value creation

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London Business School (LBS) has today announced a new Masters programme which will equip recent graduates with the ability to translate data science into value-creating business strategy.

The Masters in Analytics and Management (MAM) is an exciting addition to the School’s early careers portfolio, alongside the Masters and Global Masters in Management (MiM), and Masters in Financial Analysis (MFA).

The immersive 12-month programme is designed for top graduates with a quantitative degree or work experience, who want to combine a detailed knowledge of data analytics, with the ability to translate big data into bold visions and profit-maximising business strategy.

Tolga Tezcan, Associate Professor of Management Science and Operations at LBS, who will teach on the programme, says: “There is huge demand from the top recruiters for managers who are not only data literate, but who also have the vision to see how big data can be used to create real competitive edge, product or service transformation. That’s why we’re combining subjects like machine learning and data visualisation with organisational behaviour.”

In the race to recruit analytical minds, Tezcan believes firms must mind the gap between data science and application.

“Big Data would be meaningless without actionable results,” he explains. “That takes talented managers schooled in the philosophy of experimentation, who understand the problems big data can solve, and how to translate it into a compelling story that both senior management and shareholders will buy into.”

The first intake will start in August 2019 and the programme will cost £33,500.

The core analytics curriculum which covers – Data Analytics, Applied Statistics, Data Visualisation and Storytelling, Data Management, Digital Marketing, Data Science for Business, Machine Learning for Big Data and Decision Technology – is blended with applied management training in strategy, finance and economics, as well as practical training in programming capabilities. Students will also benefit from the opportunity to learn more about performing in teams, access a wide variety of electives and engage in a Global Immersion Field Trip.

Gareth Howells, Executive Director, MAM, Degree Education & Career Centre, LBS, says: “Jumping into the vibrant London business environment, our students will experience data in action. Using real data to solve real problems on a live analytics project, they will learn how to translate the results of data analysis into insightful, high-impact business solutions.”

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