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Staff profiles

Like our faculty, our London Business School staff members are highly-skilled, international and passionate about their role within one of the world’s leading business schools.


“For most people, working with Excel all day sounds like their worst nightmare, but I love it. That’s what I do here mostly: play with Excel, work with student data and look at student feedback. I’ve worked in different roles in different industries before, and the common thread I found was a love for problem solving, working with data, and working out what the data was telling us. While I had the chance to work with data before it was at the London Business School where I could first get really stuck into it.” Read the full profile

Alex White
Business Analyst



“I’ve always been interested in higher education. I believe that everyone should keep challenging themselves and keep developing their skills. I jumped at the chance to work for LBS; it’s a top business school that attracts interesting people who are looking for answers. I knew people who had studied here and had amazing experiences. I wanted to come here and learn more about what makes it so successful, and to contribute to that success. My job now is to enhance the student and faculty experience – it’s hugely gratifying.” Read the full profile

Jordana Blanchett
Director, EMBA Dubai Programme
Dubai Centre



“What we do is fascinating. We work with some of the largest, most influential companies on their most interesting projects. And that means interacting with their experts and ours, some of the most talented thinkers in the world. The work environment is very special too. We’re less bureaucratic, more entrepreneurial, more grounded in good ideas that work. We value people highly, we’re global, collegiate and ambitious. It’s a place where many discover that they can do their very best work. That’s a rare thing.” Read the full profile

David Brown
Executive Director, Executive Education
London, United Kingdom


"It’s my job to make sure that LBS has a thriving and engaged alumni community. It’s all about relationships – starting with current students, fostering the relationships they create on campus, and building them into lifelong connections." Read the full profile

Hannah Fox
Executive Director, Executive Education
London, United Kingdom