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Staff profiles

Like our faculty, our London Business School staff members are highly-skilled, international and passionate about their role within one of the world’s leading business schools.


“I’ve always been interested in higher education. I believe that everyone should keep challenging themselves and keep developing their skills. I jumped at the chance to work for LBS; it’s a top business school that attracts interesting people who are looking for answers. I knew people who had studied here and had amazing experiences. I wanted to come here and learn more about what makes it so successful, and to contribute to that success. My job now is to enhance the student and faculty experience – it’s hugely gratifying.” Read the full profile

Jordana Blanchett
Director, EMBA Dubai Programme
Dubai Centre



“What we do is fascinating. We work with some of the largest, most influential companies on their most interesting projects. And that means interacting with their experts and ours, some of the most talented thinkers in the world. The work environment is very special too. We’re less bureaucratic, more entrepreneurial, more grounded in good ideas that work. We value people highly, we’re global, collegiate and ambitious. It’s a place where many discover that they can do their very best work. That’s a rare thing.” Read the full profile

David Brown
Executive Director, Executive Education
London, United Kingdom


"It’s my job to make sure that LBS has a thriving and engaged alumni community. It’s all about relationships – starting with current students, fostering the relationships they create on campus, and building them into lifelong connections." Read the full profile

Hannah Fox
Executive Director, Executive Education
London, United Kingdom


ChrisLeGrice100x100 “I really like the sense of community that the School always seems to harbour. You sense it everywhere you go. It's a big organisation now, but not TOO big. I feel liked and appreciated for what I do and how I do it, and since I spend half of my adult waking life here, that's important to me. The School has invested in my development too, both technically, through a variety of training programmes, and my presentation skills, to the point where I am now more confident at hosting presentations to students.”


Chris Le Grice
Desktop Engineer
London, United Kingdom


KateLendrum100x100"I have the benefits of working closely with a small team and taking on a lot of responsibility in my role, but I also benefit from working as part of a larger team and enjoy working with a different variety of people across all departments. I enjoy the variety in my role; I work with various stakeholders within the school and also with many external companies. I am based in London but I get to travel five times per year to the US, South Africa, India, Hong Kong and Turkey, which I really enjoy. LBS is an exciting place to work as it is always changing. It never sits still."


Kate Lendrum

Project Manager, Global Business Experiences
London, United Kingdom


KatieMcEvoy100x100 “I recently attended an Essentials of Management course. This was very interesting and taught me the core skills required for managing a team. It allowed me to build on the theoretical knowledge with my existing practical skills. It also allowed me to take the next step in my career and shortly after the course I was promoted and went from managing a team of one to a team of five. The School is such a busy place which means there are always interesting projects I can get involved in, in addition to my day-to-day role. This allows me to meet new people, expand my skill set and keep me interested and engaged with goings on at the School.”


Katie McEvoy
Finance and Reporting Manager
London, United Kingdom


davidmorris1 “I am able to connect my previous experiences in recruitment  and my passion for working with leading and up-coming technology companies, connecting them with the leaders of tomorrow. Every day I work with corporate recruiters to help plan their recruitment strategy and support students and alumni on their career journeys."




David Morris
Assistant Director - Head of Corporate Sectors, Career Centre
London, United Kingdom



AnneSchouw100x100 "I wanted to work here because of the School's international reputation and amazing faculty. It also allowed me to do what I enjoy doing most - working closely with people and building their relationships with the School. I have had some great learning opportunities at the School which have definitely supported my career progression, helping me understand the tactics and motivations for people when they are making decisions.”


Anne Schouw
Associate Director, Major Gifts
London, United Kingdom




“My career with London Business School began in the Executive Education Department as a Programme Assistant. Six months later, I was promoted to Programme Manager and I now lead a team of Programme Managers as Manager, Programme Experience. A lot of people have progressed within London Business School and I count myself very lucky to be one of them. I'm really enjoying my job. The work environment is really, really satisfying.”


Alex Komlossy Vejnovic
Manager, Programme Experience
London, United Kingdom