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Just 30% of change programmes work. Join the minority: make yours one.

Are you responsible for leading change? Perhaps you’re tasked with reducing costs, and growing the business, or maybe your company needs to disrupt and innovate? Whatever the conditions for change, the biggest task lies with you.

Why is change so hard? Because humans find dealing with uncertainty tough. They also struggle to see how introducing change programmes – 70% of which fail, according to global business consultant McKinsey & Company – benefit their organisation. But knowing change is coming and planning for it is more bearable than facing uncertainty.

How you benefit from our Leading Change Programme:

  • Learn classic change management mistakes – as well as important, less-common traps
  • Identify and respond to a change challenge – how likely is change success for your business?
  • Promote positive change – inspire confidence in stakeholders with varied agendas
  • Drive action – empower others to unite and support the change strategy
  • Script your change narrative – what story will you tell?
  • Benefit from dedicated, strategically matched coaching support – available both during and after the programme.**

Hiring change consultants has never been so popular: the consultant market – those brought in to manage change – grew 6.1% to US$125.2 billion in 2014***. Yet, to inspire socially constructed change – which is embraced, not prescribed – it must start with you.

Rouse people to embrace, believe and design change, with you by their side.

Faculty insights

A toolkit for powerful change communications

Ian Jessop

Leading change is tough. Try out this simple methodology to get to the heart of what you want to say and what people need to hear.

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7 questions to ask before leading change

Dan Cable

Dan Cable recommends you stop and ask seven important questions before implementing your grand change ambitions.

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*Carolyn Aiken and Scott Keller ‘The irrational side of change management’, McKinsey & Company, 2009

**Coaching offered up to three months post-programme

***Gartner ‘Market Share Analysis: Consulting Services, Worldwide, 2014

Key details

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Next Start: 04 Sep 2017
  • Fees: £7,300
  • Location: London
  • Next programme dates:

    • 04-08 Sep 2017
    • 04-08 Dec 2017

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