Enterprising students get a feel for business in Africa

1565London Business School embarks on its second Global Business Experience

London Business School has just returned from its second Global Business Experience (GBE) with 96 of its MBA students heading to Johannesburg, South Africa.  

The GBE, a new addition to the full-time MBA programme this year, offers the opportunity for second year MBA students to choose from five locations around the world for a week-long learning experience. 

Each GBE is led by two senior faculty members from different subject areas.  They are designed to be fast-paced, engaging and demanding, and to push students outside their comfort zone.  Students will deliver a group-project working in an unfamiliar environment and with peers with whom they have not worked before.

This GBE’s theme is ‘Entrepreneurship & Economic Growth: The Role of Micro-Entrepreneurs’.  Micro-entrepreneurs are often an overlooked aspect of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  This trip will give students a first-hand experience with the business lives of micro-entrepreneurs in a major emerging economy.

Commenting on the GBE, MBA student, Palvi Shah, said: “Africa really is a destination with many exciting opportunities to really capitalise on its future growth potential.   For me, which GBE to choose was a no brainer. I grew up in Kenya and have spent the past 13 years in the West. Following the MBA, I am planning to move back to Africa and I would like to learn more about the opportunities available.”

“I think that a week in Johannesburg will help to provide a much better feel for the region and industry.  Additionally, this particular GBE has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and social enterprise and is led by leading faculty members from this field.  As this is an area of interest for me, it made the Johannesburg GBE the perfect choice.”

Amelia Whitelaw, Associate Director, Global Business Experiences, said: “This is an amazing opportunity for students to gain a better understanding of the relationship between micro-entrepreneurs and the corporate and government sectors in an emerging market”. 

MBA students heard from a range of speakers, including Ebenezer Essoka, CEO of Standard Charter Bank and an alumnus of the School, in addition to visiting a number of companies.  The students also had the opportunity to work directly with micro-entrepreneurs based in Alexandra a part of Johannesburg, as part of a consultancy project.

Prior to the GBE, the School hosted an in event in Lagos Nigeria  where Professor Michael Hay presented to a group of Alumni and prospective students. 

In addition to New York and Johannesburg, for the rest of 2012-2013 academic year students will travel to Mumbai, Hong Kong and Istanbul, as part of the GBE.

For further information please visit here. To read more from our students on the GBE, please visit here.