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Core courses

Make your future a success by building the fundamental skills of a global leader through our broad range of core courses. Focused on key themes, core courses provide a rigorous and analytical grounding in the techniques and frameworks you need to excel.



Global Leadership Assessment for Managers (GLAM) 

Develop into the best leader you can be on this self-discovery course. While management skills can be taught, leadership is about making a difference to the challenges we face with people and projects. Discover how to make a difference and be yourself, with skill.

Leadership launch

Plot your personal and professional development on this personalised course, and become an even better leader.

Understanding general management

This course highlights the professional challenges and responsibilities you will face as a general manager and creates a road map to navigate the twists and turns of the MBA programme over the next two years.

Year one

  • Term 1: Tools and techniques

    Corporate Finance

    Learn how to manage your company’s finances and develop a framework to help you make the right financial decisions.

    Data, Models and Decisions

    Discover how to use state-of-the-art business software and data to make, and argue the case for, business decisions. Business decisions are often too complex to be made by intuition alone, so if you bring the analytical thought we will give you the tools to make informed decisions.

    Financial Accounting

    Analyse financial information and judge a firm’s prospects based on performance, patterns in their financial statements, profit drivers, assets and obligations.

    Managerial Economics

    Learn about applied microeconomics, with a management focus.  At the end of this course understand how markets operate and how market mechanisms affect the choices of firms.


    Explore a new range of strategy tools and frameworks and apply them to a variety of competitive situations. 

  • Term 2: Managing the Organisation

    Operations Management

    Take control of business processes by learning the basic terminology, concepts and quantitative tools of operations management. Learn how your managerial input, and data, can match supply and demand.


    Your passport into the world of strategic marketing; this course gives a solid foundation to enable you to apply marketing concepts, and prepare and evaluate marketing plans with confidence.

    Managing Organisational Behaviour

    Develop the skills to predict the behaviour of individuals, groups and organisations to lead a company or team towards success.

    Management Accounting

    Examine management accounting systems, and their use in decision-making, planning and control, and performance evaluation. Learn:

    • the vocabulary and mechanics of cost accounting
    • basic issues involved in the design of management accounting systems
    • and the role of management accounting in resource allocation and incentives.
  • Term 3: Engaging with the world

    Business, Government and Society

    Balancing the drive to make a profit with the needs to society at large is tough for many businesses. Learn about the challenges they face, how government intervenes, and how business can adapt to regulatory changes.

    Discovering Entrepreneurial Opportunities

    Get ready for your future as an entrepreneur and develop a framework to identify entrepreneurial opportunities. As part of the course, pitch your entrepreneurial ideas to alumni investors at an entrepreneurship trade show.

    Global Business Environment

    Develop a robust understanding of macro-economic principles and their impact on the corporate sector.

    London Business Experiences

    Gain an inside view of business through half day visits to a variety of leading international organisations in London. Analyse their opportunities and challenges and follow up with a presentation.

Year two

  • Capstone


    At this lively conference, you reunite with your classmates to exchange ideas with a faculty and an alumni career panel, and enjoy talks from leading society and business commentators. Celebrate and reflect on your successes as you transit to the next stage of your career.

  • Global Business Experiences

    Global Business Experiences

    Visit business hubs around the world on a Global Business Experience to New York and Boston, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Johannesburg or Istanbul.


Students are required to be competent in at least one other language when they graduate.  The 15 languages on offer have been chosen on the basis of the demographic profile of an MBA class and people’s typical post-programme career destinations.

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