Business minds launch Entrepreneurship Summer School

Today, 56 participants embark on an eight week course to turn business dreams into reality. For the next two months, participants in London Business School’s Entrepreneurship Summer School will explore if their business idea has what it takes to succeed.


Aspiring entrepreneurs will be given access to over 50 expert mentors from an international entrepreneurial community who will work with the participants to assist and guide in the development of the business idea.  During the programme, the participants will do a deep dive into their business by exploring and interacting with potential funders, customers, suppliers and stakeholders to fully explore how the business could operate. 

Former Entrepreneurship Summer School participant and founder of hotpod yoga, Maxwell Henderson, shared: “London Business School’s Entrepreneurship Summer School made me think about my business idea in a practical way. It forced me to understand every element and to be prepared for every challenge. Critically it gave me confidence and a network to help me on my way. After the final presentation to a collection of astute investors and business experts, I felt 100% confident we could make it work.”

The Entrepreneurship Summer School was established in 2001, and has seen:

  • 212 start-ups 
  • 46 alumni have started two or more businesses
  • More than 1,200 jobs have been created by these businesses
  • Businesses raised more than £476 million in equity from angel investors, venture capitalists, industry, suppliers, government, grants and other sources

Jeff Skinner, Executive Director, Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, London Business School, said: “This is the entrepreneurial highlight of the year for us.  The Entrepreneurial Summer School is a cauldron of entrepreneurial fervour. Students arrive hungry to build their own ventures but not knowing how to go about it. The Summer School equips them with a methodology they can apply to any venture.  It’s wonderful to see how they develop.”

For more information on the Entrepreneurship Summer School (Update link). 

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