Jeffrey Lui

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: British
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Manager, Corporate Development at 21st Century Fox


After gaining work experience at companies including UK Trade & Investment and Goldman Sachs (Asia), Jeffrey applied for, and was accepted onto, London Business School’s Masters in Management programme as a member of the graduating class of 2010.


What were your reasons for studying a Masters in Management, and why did you choose London Business School?

“After studying economics at university, I felt that I had a solid understanding of theories but no way to apply them in the real world. I therefore wanted a Masters qualification that would provide me with a practical application of business knowledge. I was attracted by the focus London Business School’s Masters in Management gave to interactive learning and career preparation, and London Business School’s renowned brand and international faculty were also key attractions.”

What have been the key benefits of the programme?

“The commitment to diversity is an obvious and important characteristic of London Business School’s Masters in Management. I had already had quite an international education, but nowhere in the world had I found myself studying with people from so many different countries, with such diverse education backgrounds and unique personalities. By working together in study groups we learnt to communicate, coordinate and cooperate - all important skills necessary in the business world. In addition, the programme’s focus on career preparation gave an insight into numerous industries and companies, and provided valuable guidance and support during my job application process.”

How do you think the programme will help you in your future career?

“The knowledge from lectures, skills from workshops, and insights from presentations have become a solid foundation for my career, and the range of things we learnt - from marketing to negotiations to finance - meant that I could utilise my expertise in whatever industry I desired. Above all though, the network of people I have met has been the greatest asset; from my fellow Masters in Management students, to MBA students, alumni and London Business School staff, I look forward to meeting these people again one day in the future and sharing advice, support, and perhaps even investment opportunities with them.”

How has the Masters in Management differed from your undergraduate experience?

“The programme was much more intense. Our class fostered a close-knit community where almost everyone knew everyone. This encouraged interaction and mutual support.
Lecturers and staff were also much more engaged and supportive, valuing our feedback and responding quickly. The curriculum and supporting events were tailored to the objectives of the class, and of course being in London meant that even outside class, there were always social events to attend.”

What has been the one defining feature of the programme?

“Working with my study group was my defining experience. As we started working together, we realised how much our backgrounds, personalities, and working styles differed. It was not always easy working together, but over time we learnt to communicate and compromise, and organised our work according to our talents and preferences. The fact that most projects required us to work in teams meant that we spent much of our time together and became great friends. We shared successes and failures, excitement and disappointment, and earned an experience we wouldn’t have had in other programmes.”

How do you think membership to the School’s alumni community will benefit you in the long term?

“From one networking event at an investment bank, where many of the staff who came to meet with us were School alumni, to the numerous replies I received from alumni when I was evaluating job offers, I found the School’s alumni community to be highly engaged and interested in helping students progress. As I join this community, I look forward to seeing many more alumni in my company and industry, who I can look to for advice and support in my career development. The School’s global alumni network offers numerous contacts for both professional engagement and socialising wherever you go.”

Finally, in one sentence, how would you describe your experience of the London Business School Masters in Management?

“From the practical skills and knowledge I have learnt, the global business insight I have gained, and the group of brilliant, interesting, and fun-loving classmates I have met, the Masters in Management has given me a year in London I will never forget.”

In the 10 years since graduation, how has the MiM and your time at LBS shaped your career?

Since graduation, I have worked in business development roles at 21st Century Fox, Caesars Entertainment and Hong Kong Disneyland, leading projects as varied as launching the FOX+ streaming service in Asia and planning new gaming resorts in Japan. I use the financial, accounting and presentation skills I learnt on the MiM on a daily basis, but it's the global perspective and multi-cultural environment from LBS that have helped me most in navigating my work and career across these multinational employers. I still keep in touch with my MiM classmates and look forward to catching up with them after COVID sometime, somewhere in the world.