Henriette Müller

  • Degree Programme: Masters in Management
  • Global Nationality: German
  • Profile Job Post-programme: Consultant, McKinsey & Company

“My life has always had an international focus. Born and raised in Germany, I spent time during high school in both the USA and France and then completed an undergraduate business degree in Switzerland. However, my studies there were largely theoretical, so when I joined London Business School’s Masters in Management programme (MiM), it was important that I was exposed to business in practice. I also wanted to learn the skills to implement my knowledge in the workplace.”

“My MiM classes covered similar disciplines to my undergraduate studies, but the teaching style was completely different. Faculty are tightly linked to the global business community; the faculty member who taught us Macroeconomics, for example, is also an advisor to Nicolas Sarkozy and her discussions and insights on recent world events were invaluable. Similarly, Financial Accounting was brought to life because we were required to read balance sheets and then relate them back to the sub-prime crisis. Anybody can read a textbook, but it is real-world experience that makes a difference.”

“Eclectic and diverse in nature, London Business School also offers superb networking opportunities. New languages and cultures have always been part of my life, but the MiM has enabled me to meet and work with people from all over the world. In a community that welcomes difference and stimulates individual strengths, my own passion for art was seen as an area of unusual interest and value. It was put to good use – in addition to my involvement in clubs like Consulting, I was also on the Executive Committee of the Art Connection club.”

“Right across the London Business School campus, collaboration is key. I joined the MiM with the aim of getting a position in the management consulting industry, and the more experienced MBA students were enormously helpful in assisting me with interview and case preparation. I was thrilled to accept a position with McKinsey. Long-term, working in the art business may well be the ideal way to combine my two passions. For now, though, consulting enables me to gain an in-depth understanding of different industries and how they work. The MiM has fast-tracked me right where I want to be.”