Rather than teaching analytics and management as discrete subjects, the two will be fully integrated in the programme.

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Pre Term and Orientation
August - September 2019

Foundations and Online preparation


Accounting Finance Statistics
Excel Basics
Data Camp (Online
Orientation and Away day
Data Analytics Foundations
Into to R / Foundation of Stats with R

Applied Statistics
Careers Foundations

Term 1
September- December 2019

Core Academics and Business Skills


Using Data Science Responsibly
The Economics of Marketplaces
Data Science for Business I
Data Management
Machine Learning for Big Data
Data Science for Business II
Data Visualisation & Story Telling
Performing in Organisations

Career Week
Skills Programme: Interpersonal
Practitioner Speaker Series

Winter Break
Global Immersion Field Trip (GIFT)*

Term 2
January - March 2020

Core Academics and Applied Learning


Decision Analytics & Modelling
Machine learning for Big Data
Business Strategy Analytics
Financial Reporting Analytics
Operations Management

Skills Programme: Interpersonal
Practitioner Speakers Series

Spring Break
Global Immersion field Trip (GIFT)*

Term 3
April - June 2020

Electives and Applied Learning Elective I
Elective II
Elective III

Global Immersion Field Trip (GIFT)*
Skills Programme: Interpersonal
Practitioner Speakers Series

Term 4 (optional)


International Exchange

*Students choose one from a selection of six Global Immersion Field Trip options

**Calendar is subject to change

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