The Masters in Analytics and Management is an integrated global learning experience that blends dynamic classroom interaction with exposure to the international world of analytics and business.


Study in the heart of London, one of the world’s most innovative and technology-driven cities. In class you engage with new models and methods, deepening your understanding through interaction and exchange with faculty and peers. Outside the classroom, put new concepts and ideas into practice with highly applied project work and global field trips.


Action-oriented and applied learning


Learning at LBS is action-oriented, focused and will push you to the limit. MAM is carefully designed to fuse business knowledge across seven subject areas with a strong analytics core, enabling you to apply theoretical concepts to real-world problems in pursuit of workable business solutions. A range of activities including workshops, simulations and interactive lectures builds your analytical abilities and decision-making capabilities, enabling you to rise to the challenges of today’s complex, fast-paced workplace.


  • Study groups and assignments: Step outside your comfort zone. Study groups and assignments are carefully selected for maximum diversity. Collaborating with high achievers from widely diverse nationalities and backgrounds, you’re exposed to new ideas and different ways of thinking. Build your cross-cultural skill set alongside your analytical capabilities, learning to communicate and project manage in an international business environment.

  • Faculty: Our world-class faculty are at the core of the LBS classroom experience. Experts in their field, they blend a mastery of technical and analytical knowledge with theoretical understanding and practical business skills. Using innovative teaching techniques ranging from case studies to simulations, faculty engage you in the high-level problem-solving and complex decision-making central to a fast-paced world.

  • Case studies and simulations: Experience the typical challenges facing analysts in the real world within a safe classroom environment. Combining state-of-the-art software with your growing understanding of the analytics space, you’ll produce workable business solutions and develop the decision-making skills recruiters demand.

  • Personal development: Building relationships and communicating workable business outcomes with confidence and flair is crucial to your career success. Customise your personal development plan to develop the self-awareness, critical thinking skills and poise recruiters are looking for. Whether it’s workshops on networking, making an online impact or presentation skills, you’ll tailor your plan as you go to ensure maximum personal impact.


Business Immersion


Exposure to world-class business and analytics practitioners from around the world blends applied real-world understanding with your learning experience. On campus and away, you’ll interact with alumni, guest speakers and industry experts to gain crucial insights to the analytics space. Developing your skills by translating theory into practice through hands-on project work, you’ll leverage the opportunity to extend your international business network.


  • International business exposure: Learn how business is conducted in different cultures and countries around the world. Global International Field Trips and career treks to carefully selected strategic hubs deepen your understanding of the ambiguities of international business. Apply your learning in situ, translating theory into practice and gaining hands-on experience of what it takes to manage complex problems in diverse settings.

  • Guest speakers and practitioners: Get expert insight into the challenges of our complex global business world and hear how innovative business practices distinguish top performers. Inspirational leaders from business, politics and the arts are regular visitors to campus, and have included Apple’s Pascal Cagni and Dame Amelia Fawcett, non-executive Chairman of The Guardian and former Banking Executive at Morgan Stanley.

  • Mentoring: Many of our MBA and Masters in Finance students and alumni are keen mentors. Experienced and successful professionals, they are ready to support you with job applications, expand your global network and offer advice throughout your MAM journey.

  • Internship: Taking advantage of a fourth term allows you to apply for more internship opportunities. For companies recruiting on a strict penultimate year policy, you can apply for summer internships beginning at the end of your core course work, and then return to campus in the autumn term for additional electives. Students must source their own internship opportunities.

  • Business sector clubs: Our 75+ student-led clubs are the lifeblood of the London Business School experience. Offering a collaborative, vibrant and diverse community, they represent the needs of our global student body. Clubs also enable you to explore specific areas of business interest and build stronger links with alumni and wider school community.

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