Executive MBA Journey

In a dynamic environment, surrounded by a diverse and global LBS community – the programme delivers a transformative personal and professional journey.


Take a look at how your journey is tailored to your unique development.

EMBA Jounrey_Milestone Diagram

1. Know yourself

Using techniques such as psychometrics and 360 degree feedback, you’ll explore the attributes that define you as a leader – laying the foundations on which you’ll build throughout the EMBA. 


2. Know your context

In a world of constant change, progress depends on being able to navigate a shifting landscape. You’ll learn how to assess the wider business context and how to approach the opportunities and obstacles it may present.


3. Lead yourself 

The modern business environment is demanding of its leaders, whatever their path or personality.  You’ll work on strengthening key professional skills and personal attributes that you’ll forge forward throughout your career. 


4. Lead others

Great leaders inspire and engage. You’ll learn how to communicate with clarity, ensuring you can always engage the people with the power to turn your vision into reality. 


5. Reflect on your transformation

A time to critically reflect on what you’ve learnt, consolidate your knowledge and to consider how best to start putting it into practice within your organisation, your community and society.


6. Continue your journey with the LBS community

Your experience is even more powerful when augmented with the experiences of others. As you engage with the LBS community, your learning journey continues. 

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