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Porsche Holding Salzburg maintains its position as the number one automotive distributor in Europe

By Kathy Brewis

Innovation efforts tend to focus on economic incentives but new research suggests liberal social policies are just as important

By Keyvan Vakili

Nicole Kamra on winning an investment in the MIINT for an innovative healthcare start-up in Pakistan

By Jeff Skinner

In the first of a new series exploring the value of entrepreneurial experience, IIE’s Jeff Skinner talks to Airbnb’s Abhishek Garodia

By Jeff Skinner

We’re more likely to excuse leaders’ false claims if we can imagine a scenario where they might be true – provided they fit with our view

By Daniel Effron

Staying competitive in a fast-changing world means rethinking how we work

By Adam Kingl

Mitsuru Izumo kept trying to find a way to produce Euglena on a large scale. Now it’s being used for everything from food to biofuel

By Kathy Brewis

Our use of words that describe the natural world has declined. That’s not good for individuals or organisations.

By Selin Kesebir

FabLittleBag’s Martha Silcott shares the highs and lows of getting her invention to market

By Kathy Brewis

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