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Circle’s Marieke Flament on the meaning of value in a liquid world – and the role diversity plays in sharing it out

By Anna Johnston

What leadership style is, what it isn’t and when to adapt

By Michael Parke

Mobile isn’t another online channel. Nitish Jain shares insights for key decision-makers on promotions, product search and return policies

By Nitish Jain

They’re big, grey and crinkly, and not as wise as you think. It’s time to kick elephants out of the boardroom. Sorry, old friends

By Randall S Peterson

Innovative practices aren’t always good. Aharon Mohliver examines who spreads bad practice and how to stem its flow

By Aharon Cohen-Mohliver

Happy people are curious, continually experiment and play to their strengths

By Dan Cable

Raina Brands shows the value of diverse networks – and the pitfalls of interconnected ones with the same demographic characteristics

By Raina Brands

Re-integrating into your home culture after working abroad can be hard. Here’s how companies could help

By Dan Cable

How Girl Effect and Farah Ramzan Golant are building brands and riding a digital wave to help young people realise their potential

By Anna Johnston