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HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations

The future of work is now; the ability of your organisation to survive and thrive will be determined by how you anticipate and respond to these changes affecting the world of work today.

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Programme impact

Recognise the global trends that affect your organisation

Discover the ways in which HR can drive the agenda for change in your organisation.

Right for you

This programme is suitable for senior executives who are responsible for setting or leading the people agenda in their organisations.


management experience

on average



on average per cohort

Previous participant roles include:

  • CHROs

  • CPOs

  • Human resource directors, practitioners and specialist advisors

  • Leaders of change programmes

  • Chief learning officers

  • Business unit heads 

Who attends

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The data above displays the top nationalities and top 10 industries across a three year average of participants on this programme.

Programme content

Our aim is to empower human resources teams with the vision and skills to play a pivotal role in organisational transformation.

Understand the threats and opportunities that will shape the global work agenda for you, your organisation and your industry. Gain the skills and vision to lead organisational transformation.

  • Understand how automation, the ageing population, societal shifts and climate change affect your organisation and the talent it recruits. Be equipped to anticipate these trends and turn them from threats into opportunities.

  • Discover how the world of work has been affected by the COVID19 pandemic, and the challenges presented by the shift to hybrid working.

  • Through real examples, case studies and the lived experience of guest speakers on the programme, understand the choices you have around organisational design, the physical work environment and the people you recruit.

  • Undertake a diagnostic survey to better understand your networks and the strengths and weaknesses of the connections you have. Learn how to leverage those connections to build collaborative capacity.

  • Discover how to make more informed decisions using data and people analytics.

  • Gain insight on what it means to be a CHRO and how to create strong and sustainable relationships with the C-Suite.

  • Understand the psychology behind committing to change, before making your own personal commitments to transformation in your organisation.

Our faculty

Experts in the field

Access some of the world’s leading thinkers whose cutting-edge research in global business is grounded in real-world practicality.

Certificate in Management

This programme can also be taken as part of the Certificate in Management. Enhance your leadership approach, hone your business skills and curate your own curriculum with a blend of online and in-person learning.

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