My day by Andrew L.Shapiro

Andrew L. Shapiro, Founder and President, GreenOrder

Andrew L. Shapiro, Founder and President, GreenOrder
MydaybyAndrewL6:30 AM No school today, and my 6-year-old is excited. Out on the streets, it’s hot, and I can hear the climate wise guys now: “We could use a little less global warming today.” That term never really worked: Warm is a comfortable blanket. Climate chaos? Not so comforting.

8:00 AM Breakfast with my client from General Motors. We talk about the viability plan GM just submitted to Congress, fuel economy standards, and progress on the Chevy Volt, the plug-in hybrid electric car that could help save GM – if the company can hang on.

9:00 AM I hop the train to our office in lower midtown Manhattan. It’s not a gleaming new eco-tower, but it does have one notable green feature: a wrap-around terrace.

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