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Immerse yourself in an international business environment

Nothing compares to the real-world business situations that our Global Business Experiences (GBEs) present. 


Unquestionably a highlight of the programme, GBEs allow you to apply the frameworks you've studied to organisations in the emerging and developed markets around the world. Flourish outside your comfort zone by pushing yourself into unfamiliar territory and working with classmates from different cultures and industries.


The week long programme consists of faculty briefings, guest speakers, site visits, workshops, panels, company visits and opportunities to engage with local LBS alumni in the region. 


Academic or project work will help you to accelerate and develop your learning. Engage in debate on a hot topic in the finance industry, support a micro-entrepreneur with a business plan, or help a tech start-up tackle a pressing business issue.


Where will your experience take you?


No GBE is the same. The theme, assessment and format of these intensive and hands-on experiences depends on the location. Every GBE is faculty-led, academically-focused, relevant, fast-paced and highly rewarding. Whether you are looking to fill a knowledge gap, or understand business practice in a particular country, the GBEs are an exciting opportunity for applied, experiential learning.


Current locations include South Africa, Israel, Peru, China, Myanmar and India

  • Johannesburg, South Africa

    Theme: Entrepreneurship and economic growth: the role of micro-businesses

    Learning objective: The Johannesburg GBE aims to gives students a first-hand experience of the business lives of micro-entrepreneurs in the important emerging market of South Africa. It will also focus on the unique and exciting - but often frustrating - aspects of business in an emerging market. Students will gain an insight into the process of growth and transformation, as well as the constraints and opportunities that surround them.

    “I never thought I would say that my GBE in Johannesburg was life changing. During one week, it felt like the theory I had learnt during the previous 15 months was put to the test with one driving question: How does one make a difference? Whether it was helping our township entrepreneur with the little resources she had and our limited time, or understanding the challenges of a developing economy with a heavy past, it represented a unique time of personal growth and reflection on the opportunities that the LBS MBA provides and my commitment to giving back.”
    - Marie Milleron, MBA2015

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

    Theme: Contextualising the drivers of innovation

    Learning objective: The Tel Aviv GBE aims to give students an understanding of the factors underlying the Israeli success story in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation. It also encourages student to identify factors that can be generalised and applied in other business environments.

    “I chose the Tel Aviv GBE not only to get to know an amazing place, but also to get a glimpse of tech innovation and entrepreneurship. I can tell you I did not get just a glimpse, I got a full immersion into the backbone of a start-up nation. Understanding the underlying factors that trigger entrepreneurs to strive for their ventures, allow venture capital funding to flourish and bring huge corporations together to coach and nourish new ideas, was without a doubt among the best experiences in my entire MBA journey.”

    - Oscar Zapata, MBA2016

  • Mumbai, India

    Theme: Understanding, driving and adapting to change

    Learning objective: The Mumbai GBE aims to give students a first-hand look at some of the changes, challenges, and opportunities posed by, and within, India today.

    “Prior to the Mumbai GBE, I underestimated the powerful impact of experiential learning. Working with real companies to build informed, meaningful recommendations really made the lessons come alive for me. I saw the buzzing entrepreneurial energy that distinguishes Indian culture. The companies we visited and speakers we heard from were so passionate and charismatic - it was impossible not to embrace every minute of the experience and end up loving Mumbai!”
    - Kristine Grigsby, MBA2015

  • Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China

    Theme: Innovation and institutions in China

    Learning objective: China is implementing policy changes to shift its source of growth. The focus is increasingly on innovation and institutions. During the Hong Kong GBE week students will examine China from a variety of perspectives, gain a practical understanding of the challenges challenges and opportunities businesses face and the role Hong Kong plays.

    "The GBE in Hong Kong was without doubt one of the highlights of my whole MBA experience, full of fascinating talks and company visits combined with an eclectic mix of exciting evening entertainment. Throughout the visit, we were fortunate to be addressed by high profile speakers about many interesting topics such as the intricacies of doing business in China and how Hong Kong is positioned both economically and demographically.”
    - Toby Fitzherbert, MBA2015

    "The GBE is surely the highlight of the MBA programme. Spending a week in Hong Kong, immersed in social, political and economic issues, gave me an instantly richer understanding of China than I could ever have developed from outside of the region.”
    - Tristan Kaye, MBA2015

  • Lima, Peru

    Theme: Reinvention in turbulent times

    Learning objective: This GBE exposes you to a business community facing the economic and political challenges of managing the paradox of embracing change whilst at the same time seeking to build from its successes – challenges which all of us must face at different times in our careers.   

    “The Lima GBE was the definitive highlight of my MBA. We spent a week hearing from Peruvian business leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, and our very own LBS alumni about Peru’s fascinating journey through turbulent times. It forced me to think deeply about a country I wouldn’t otherwise have spent much time considering, and sparked many interesting conversations among my peers about Peru’s history and recent growth.” 
    - Mollie Amkraut, MBA2016

  • Yangon, Myanmar

    Theme: Frontier Markets: Opportunities and Risks

    Learning Objective: The general aim of this GBE is highlight the opportunities and risks that Myanmar faces at this stage of its development as a frontier market. It will take a particular look at how these opportunities and risks are being managed to ensure sustainable, inclusive development and at the role of SMEs and early stage companies in this development.

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