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Executive Education has been trailblazing since 1966.

Alumni and past participants from across the decades share how LBS inspired them to blaze their own trail – both personally and professionally.

Discover how Executive Education has inspired our alumni and past participants.

Brian Weatherly

Senior Executive Programme, 2014

“The beauty of the School’s lecturers is that they deliver their key points with a bit of drama.”

John Vermilye

Accelerated Development Programme, 1995

“Don’t just follow the same path uncritically; challenge yourself continually.”

Andrea Moldovan

Accelerated Development Programme, 2012

I finished the programme with a big desire to do more. I felt like I came transformed from there.

Andrea Gerosa

Corporate Finance Programmes, 2011

Gerosa credits his “short, intense and specific” immersion in corporate finance at LBS to his success.

Craig Foster

Market Driving Strategies, 2014

“If someone had told me back then that we would manage to invent a hardware product, develop it and launch it, I would not have believed them.”

Guy Ludbrook

Senior Executive Programme, 2008

“LBS changed the way I approach thinking. It showed me what I didn’t even know I didn’t know.”

Simona Colombo

Strategic Branding, 2013

Simona wants her team to bring their passion to work - that's not difficult when you're in the coffee business.

Sandor Szomora

Senior Executive Programme, 2004

Sandor has been fuelled by resilience – a word he says he discovered at London Business School.

Tom Plug

Human Resources Strategy for Transforming Organisations, 2014

The HRST programme gave Tom Plug plenty of food for thought. When he acted on it a year later he found his work taking off in new directions.

Peter Walker_150x200

Peter Walker

Senior Executive Programme, 1971

Peter Walker’s business career straddled good times and bad. Two of the constants have been provided by his training at LBS.

Terry A’Hearn

Senior Executive Programme, 2010

“There’s no recipe for strategy. But SEP has equipped me with the right way to think.”

Jean Marc Bolinger

Senior Executive Programme, 2013

Jean Marc credits the SEP for accelerating his career – he’s changed his role four times and is now chief commercial officer for the group.

Making Innovation Happen, 2015 and High Performance People Skills, 2010

Muhammad gained lessons that helped his business – and personal aspects of his life – transform.

Developing Strategies for Value Creation, 2013

“The programme revitalised my strategic thinking and inspired a new venture in wind turbine blades.”


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