SA President Sean Barrett podcast

Sean Barrett talks about the School’s Student Body


In a new podcast, Sean Barrett, President of the Student Association since June 2007, talks about the importance of the student community and why new students should sign up for everything!

Barrett begins the podcast by explaining what makes London Business School so special: “The Student Body is what makes this place so great. Not only is it the fabric of our community and the diversity that really is the unique character of the School, but almost everything you see on campus outside of the lecture theatre is something that’s organised by and for students.”

He advocates signing up for as many clubs on offer that interest you and if you’re not sure, then sign up initially to learn about that area. “Load your plate with as many clubs and activities that you can get involved in,” Barrett says.

Another tip is to use the professional interest clubs to your advantage as they can offer presentations from industry people, internship recruiting, mock interviews, crack-a-case sessions, CV workshops, cover letter workshops and many more activities that can help your career progression.