Lynda Gratton, London Business School’s Professor of Management Practice in Organisational Behaviour, recently spoke at a CEO Council event in London, organised by and reported in The Wall Street Journal, about ‘Designing the Office of the Future’. Along with Thomas Heatherwick, the founder of Heatherwick Studio, and Emily Glazer, a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, Lynda addressed the question of what the workplace should look and feel like given that hybrid work is becoming a reality for most office-based companies. The panel also discussed how CEOs might think about using the workplace to provide the most constructive, creative, collaborative and productive environment.

Professor Gratton is particularly qualified to speak about the future of work as the author of the recently published book Redesigning Work. Written in response to the profound changes unleashed upon the world of work by the COVID-19 pandemic, the book considers how the employee/employer relationship is changing and how previously fixed corporate practices and processes have been unfrozen. In the book Professor Gratton outlines a four-step process for redesigning work that requires those leading organisations to understand what matters; reimagine the future; model and test ideas; and to act and create new ways of working.

Professor Gratton’s new book has received a great deal of publicity, particularly in the UK and in the US, with articles in the Financial Times, Forbes, MIT Sloan Management Review and Raconteur amongst others. The book has also been the subject of numerous radio interviews and podcasts, such as Eat Sleep Work Repeat and Let’s Redefine the Role of Manager, as well as a YouTube video Redesigning Work: Is hybrid the answer? A ThinkIn with Lynda Gratton.