MBA mastermind shows the power of sustainability

1551Keegan Cotton wins the Management Today Sky Future Leaders award


A former student at London Business School has seen his company go from concept to achieving $10m in revenues in less than three years.

Keegan Cotton, who completed the MBA course at the School in 2007, is the co-founder and vice-president of SunDial Power Pods, which produces containerised, mobile, renewable power generators for remote, off-grid environments.   Awarded as the winner of the MBA Mastermind category, Cotton is one of five winners of the Management Today Sky Future Leaders Awards.

The 34-year-old initially sold his pods to Special Forces in Afghanistan and now has operations in four continents. 

A former US army officer, Cotton recognised the need for renewable solutions for soldiers, reducing the logistical burden of fossil fuels.

Having installed SunDial Power Pod systems in Afghanistan and Nigeria, he is currently working to develop similar products in other African countries. 

Cotton, who originally had to fund the business through sales due to limited capital, is also working on offering the system on a leased basis.

"The skillset to operate in remote, hostile environments I may have learned in the army, but my ability to conduct business in these places I learned at London Business School," he said.

The Management Today Sky Future Leaders Awards stemmed from Sky joining forces with Management Today to find those individuals who are most determined to put sustainability at the heart of their careers and ensure their organisations succeed. 

To find out more information on SunDial please visit the website.