Masters in Finance job success in a challenging market

At least eight in 10 London Business School graduates from the full time Masters in Finance programme (MiF) found a job within four months of finishing their studies, up 13 percentage points on last year, according to the Masters in Finance Employment Report for 2010.


Fiona Sandford, the School's Director of Career Services said the 85% employment success rate is testament to the hard work of graduates, recruiters and alumni, despite the challenging state of the economy.

Those graduating from the MiF programme have an average six years' work experience in the finance field, ranging in background from blue chip management to consulting and from various institutions such as banks and government finance ministries.

Most 2010 MiF graduates found jobs in the financial services industry, 78% compared with a 75% rate last year.

The sector with the biggest growth in employing new graduates was investment banking. This influx constituted 38% of all the MiF full time graduates from the School in 2010 compared to 28% in 2009.

Overall mean salaries increased 13% compared with 2009, at around the £70,000 a year level.

Fiona Sandford commented: “It is a very different world from last year and I am encouraged that the appetite to hire has strengthened, albeit cautiously.

“We value our relationships with organisations that continue to engage with London Business School and endeavour to further increase our international networks with employers in the future and ensure that our graduates are offered the best opportunities around the world.”