London Business School students visit the President of

Last month, twenty MBA 2012 students from twelve different countries enjoyed a week-long trip to Lebanon, to experience for the first time the social and cultural gems the country has to offer.

Undeniably, the highlight of the trip was a visit to the Presidential Palace, where the group met the Head of State and discussed Lebanon’s key economic and political role in the region and international arena.

The President addressed current internal security and stability issues, as well as future actions to strengthen Lebanon’s economic role in the Middle East. The discussion revolved around measures the government is undertaking to leverage Lebanon’s key economic strengths in the banking sector, the country’s biggest GDP contributor.

“It was a pleasure to introduce the London Business School community to Lebanon”, says Christian Naccour, PR Manager for the trip. “Our visit to the President of the Republic, who personally welcomed our classmates to the country, was a gesture of renowned Lebanese hospitality. We are glad everyone enjoyed their stay, and hope to welcome many more of our classmates soon!”

The trip was organized by four Lebanese MBA 2012 students - Maria Abou Sakr, Philip Bou-Habib, Jad Moujalli, and Christian Naccour - and included visits to historical monuments, tours of world heritage sites and an enjoyable flavour of Lebanese beaches, food and nightlife.