LBS faculty members recognised as influential scholars

1501A recent Academy of Management Perspectives publication ranked two London Business School faculty members as influential management scholars. Daniel M. Cable and Julian M. Birkinshaw, ranked 22nd and 38th respectively.

Scholarly impact has traditionally been equated with number of citations - be it for individuals, articles, departments, universities, journals, or entire fields - and it is regarded as one of the strongest currencies in the Academy.

Results based on a sample including 384 of the 550 mostly highly cited management scholars in the past three decades show that scholarly impact is a multidimensional construct, revealing the impact of scholarly research on internal stakeholders (i.e., other members of the Academy) cannot be equated with impact on external stakeholders (i.e., those outside the Academy).

Outside the Academy, the number of pages as indexed by Google is used to measure scholarly impact on stakeholders (i.e. non .edu webpages).