Leading successful change in the Gulf

London Business School to host lecture to help Gulf companies adapt to the economic downturn in Abu Dhabi on 30 March


London Business School will host an event in Abu Dhabi on March 30, designed to help Gulf companies implement corporate change to adapt to the changing climate and the global economic downturn.

Michael Jarrett, Adjunct Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, will deliver the Business Insight Lecture, organised by Executive Education.

He said: "In a turbulent environment, unless leadership is responsive, disaster can follow. No one is protected from these disruptive shocks. The key is to be able to detect these threats before they hit and respond quickly, and it is here that the change adapters will do best and survive."

Jarrett, an expert on organisational change, will discuss the lessons that can be learned from the fall of banks such as Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and Northern Rock.

"Nobody is immune at the moment, and even the most successful organisations have been caught unawares by events during the last six months," said Jarrett.

Also speaking at the event is Rory Simpson, Associate Dean of Executive Education.

Simpson said: "Today, executives face challenges that most have never faced before. Our programmes offer support, knowledge and inspiration to help executives rise to these challenges and succeed - and to turn ambitious executives into great business leaders."

Attendance at the event, which will be held at the Millennium Hotel Abu Dhabi, is limited. The event is free to attend.