LBS launches Leadership Institute

London Business School has unveiled its new Leadership Institute for the advancement of both the study and practice of leadership

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Directed by Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Randall S. Peterson, and supported by a diverse cross-discipline group of faculty, the Institute will support the development and application of path-breaking research on leadership. London Business School’s David P. Myatt, Professor of Economics, and Nader Tavassoli, Professor of Marketing, will act as Strategic Academic Advisors for the Institute.

The Institute aims to create a generation of leaders who have a global view, a strong sense of community and get the job done by leading from their heart, as well as their head. The Institute will partner with prominent leaders from the worlds of business, sport, not-for-profit and other disciplines, to bring academics and practitioners together to put research into practice.

“Leadership is at the heart of everything we do at London Business School and the creation of an institute dedicated to this area is timely. The Leadership Institute’s aspiration is to encourage and promote new thinking and practice emerging from London Business School’s research, which will improve the practice of leaders in their current roles or contexts”, said Professor Peterson.

“Drawing on our evidence-based knowledge and understanding, we want to have a profound impact on the world through supporting the generation and application of path-breaking research on leadership”, he continued.

Seed funding for the Institute was provided by London Business School graduates Mike Salamon MSc14(1981) and Vina Mak MSc17(1984). The Institute will fund new academic research in key areas including – diversity, aligning strategy, people and processes to achieve high performance, competitive advantage and business impact, and developing the capability of our leaders to navigate a changing world.

Vyla Rollins, Executive Director, Leadership Institute, London Business School, added: “The Institute will allow us to harness all that makes London Business School unique as a top Global business school, in regard to generating distinctive insights on the topics of Leadership and Leadership Development.

“We have harnessed the efforts of a multi-disciplinary group of faculty and other academic contributors at London Business School to offer fresh perspectives on the practice of leadership.  This will contribute to the School's aim to support and develop individuals at all stages of their professional leadership journeys.

“It is our aspiration to contribute to accelerating the impact individuals can have, given the business and leadership challenges they face. In our view, this involves not only promoting learning about leadership but creating experiences to develop the capabilities required to lead effectively and dynamically. Our desire is to be a driving force in the world to help individuals connect with the reality that effective leadership is not just a ‘nice-to-have’, but that it is a business and global imperative.” 

As well as funding research projects, the Institute also runs competitions, case clinics, seminars, symposia, conferences, creates and teaches case studies and delivers incubator projects (in collaboration with London Business School’s Incubator).

More information on the Leadership Institute.

About the Leadership Institute

London Business School’s Leadership Institute is on a mission: to rethink leadership and enhance leader impact.