LBS Executive programmes climb Bloomberg rankings

1716London Business School's custom and open Executive Education programmes have shot up Bloomberg Businessweek's 2013 global ranking into the top ten.


Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2013 ranking of non-degree executive education programmes is based on a survey of corporate clients that have enrolled participants on the programmes. Custom programmes are tailored for specific companies; open-enrolment programmes are open to all.

The School's custom programmes have jumped from 11th to 6th, while its open programmes have risen from 14th to 4th.

Both are designed using London Business School’s FLARE™ framework to ensure that the School’s thought leadership results in sustainable changes of behaviours that enable participants to deliver business impact in the companies they work for.

IBM, Red Bull, MTV and Microsoft are just a few of the big names to have taken part in the open programmes, while Vodafone is among those to have benefited from the custom programmes on offer.

"London Business School has brought a depth of knowledge of Vodafone's industry and has used this knowledge to challenge much of our thinking - this has added value far beyond the delivery of the programme itself," said the telecommunications firm.

"The School's faculty recognise that the programme is not about learning for learning's sake but about making a difference to our business."

Sabine Vinck, Associate Dean, Executive Education, said: “ We are thrilled by these results. In Executive Education, we are passionate about being genuine partners to our clients and delivering sustainable business impact for them. It is wonderful to see our commitment to constantly getting better at what we do being recognised.”