LBS Executive Education partner acknowledged by ATD

The US-based Association for Talent Development (ATD) has named Sberbank, a London Business School (LBS) executive education partner, as a 2019 BEST Award winner.

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The award recognises Moscow-based Sberbank for “demonstrating enterprise-wide success as a result of employee talent development”.

Valeriia Zabolotna, Dean of Sberbank’s Corporate University, said: “We are honored to be among the best companies in the world developing the talents of the new digital economy. Lifelong learning is not a phrase for us, but a strategic direction to foster the company’s transformation and make it easier for more than 300,000 employees to feel confident in a VUCA world. Moreover, we recognise our social responsibility to expand the boundaries of the learning process to a wider range of clients, partners, the education system, and government bodies of the country. For us, this award is a recognition that we are on the right track in the new world of digital education.”

The Sberbank Executive Development Programme is custom designed and delivered by the Centre for Management Development at LBS. It draws together the academic resources of the School with its expertise in designing and delivering executive learning.

The executive programme develops enhanced technical capabilities in the bank’s people, cultivates an international outlook, and motivates and equips them to look to the future.

In addition to this rigorous academic approach, tailored to Sberbank’s global banking environment, LBS creates a thoughtful and collaborative space where busy managers can: benefit from access to our world-class faculty’s knowledge; share best practice with each other; develop technical skills and find the space to return to work re-energised.

“We are delighted that the programme has been recognised in this way,” says Julian Birkinshaw, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship and Deputy Dean of Executive Education at LBS. “It brings together our very best faculty with a state-of-the-art design, blending face-to-face sessions and online materials. By running the programme in modules over an entire year, it gives Sberbank’s executives a chance to really embed their learning in their day-to-day work. Our partnership with Sberbank is a great example of the type of long-term, high-impact relationships we seek to do more of at London Business School.”