LBS China Business Forum explores China Dream at conference

1712China’s economic boom, coined the ‘China Dream’ by China’s President, will be the focal point of London Business School's China Business Forum 2013.


On 1 November, the event, which is the biggest China-related forum in London, will bring leading business and thought leaders from Europe and China together at London Business School to share their experience of the challenges and changes facing China.

Silvia Deng, a member of the China Business Forum organising committee, says: “ The forum is a unique event bringing together top Chinese and European business leaders in London, to discuss the trillion dollar potential of China’s newly liberalised financial market and how companies can take advantage of it.”

Speakers including the Head of HSBC Global Markets, the CFO of Lenovo (EMEA) and the President of ZET (China), will discuss:

  • The Economic growth and globalisation that is fostering major change in the taste and preference of Chinese consumers and the impact for the country's business landscape?

  • What the new open market means for business opportunities in the country as China's currency, the renminbi (RMB), becomes increasing prominent globally?

Greater cross-border investment opportunities between China and Europe and what European companies can learn from successful local players.

President Xi Jinping's slogan, encompassing the world's largest market's prosperous society and plans for growth and rejuvenation, has been interpreted in many different ways.

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