LBS alumnus launches Middle East first junior MBA

Junior MBA
A junior MBA programme aimed at inspiring school children in the Middle East to become entrepreneurs has been launched by London Business School alum Navin Valrani.

Arcadia Preparatory School’s CEO helped design the programme, which will be offered to all pupils from Year 1 upwards. Based on the first year of an MBA, the junior programme will cover finance, management, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Pupils close to completing the programme will be given the opportunity to present their business ideas to their parents.  

"The Arcadia Junior MBA is designed to be an integral part of our Enrichment Learning Programme and will offer pupils the opportunity to create their own business plans,” Valrani said.

“An initiative of this nature will plant the early seeds of entrepreneurship in the minds of young children and teach them how businesses can positively impact society.

"Someday these ideas may even turn out to be real businesses for Arcadia's pupils. We look forward to doing our bit in inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs."   

Valrani was appointed CEO of the Arcadia Preparatory School in 2016. Since 2014, the MBA graduate has been a member of LBS’s International Alumni Council.