Innovators go green in business school CleanTech Challenge

1743Cutting-edge green innovators will compete in London Business School's CleanTech Challenge to design environmentally friendly products and services.


Competition entries for round one close on 26 January and the innovators shortlisted will then compete for a £10,000 prize.  Innovators thinking of starting a green company and looking for advice, mentoring and networking opportunities are encouraged to apply.

Jeff Skinner, Executive Director, Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and co-founder of the CleanTech Challenge said: “We created the CleanTech Challenge to bring together top business and engineering talent in a field ripe for innovation.  The challenge gives students with promising early stage ideas the opportunity to be challenged and to work their ideas up into viable ventures.  They will build teams and receive feedback throughout the process.

“When the competition first launched it immediately caught the imagination of the students and we’re delighted with how the CleanTech Challenge has evolved.”

Set up in 2009 by London Business School and University College London, the CleanTech Challenge brings together business and engineering students to engender new ideas for businesses, products and services that have a positive environmental impact.

Past winners have included MBA, PhD and Masters students from institutions all over the world.  Successful ideas have included solar-powered bicycle networks, an aerosol control technology that reduces particulate emissions and wind turbines specially designed for low-speed winds.

Last year's winner was the Power Window project, led by a team of students from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, who developed their idea for coated windows that produce clean electricity.  Read more about Power Window here.

For further information on the CleanTech Challenge please visit the website.