HKU MBA students at London Business School

The collaboration between London Business School and Hong Kong University marks the beginning of our true engagement with China – the world’s largest emerging market.


The HKU MBA at London Business School provides a wonderful opportunity for our entire School community to obtain a deeper and richer understanding of China and Asia.

Over the next four weeks 41 students arrive, spending a term at London Business School as an integral and mandatory part of the 14 month intensive HKU MBA. Prior to their arrival, all HKU students must complete 12 core courses over three terms.

Like our own students, this ensures they have the core knowledge and skills to participate in and contribute to our elective classes. On their return to Hong Kong, students will complete a capstone project and field trip to Shanghai before graduation.

HKU MBA students will join London Business School as HKU 2008, taking electives with current students during the spring (Easter) block weeks and the Summer Term. Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives will further enhance the classroom experience; in addition they will immerse themselves fully in School life through participation in clubs, social activities and conferences, to developing contacts and relationships that will outlive their time on campus. On leaving London they will join our alumni community, strengthening and enriching our networks in the region for years to come.

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