Finance professor wins Amundi Smith Breeden prize

London Business School professor recognised for research on incentives and risk


Ralph SJ Koijen, Professor of Finance at London Business school has won a distinguished prize. 

The Amundi Smith Breeden Prizes are awarded to the authors of the top three papers in The Journal of Finance, in any area other than corporate finance. Professor Koijen's paper addressed the cross-section of managerial ability, incentives, and risk preferences. 

Professor Koijen received the prize at the annual American Finance Association 2015 conference in Boston this month. His paper, 'The Cross-section of Managerial Ability, Incentives, and Risk Preferences' previously won the 2008 Roger F. Murray Prize of the Q Group.

“I am delighted and extremely grateful to receive such prestigious recognition for my research published in The Journal of Finance,” said Professor Koijen.

The winning papers are selected by the journal’s Associate Editors. Authors of the winning papers are awarded £3,306.

Professor Koijen is also a Research Fellow of the Network for Studies on Pensions, Ageing and Retirement. His areas of expertise include investments, insurance markets, and financial econometrics.