Experts to attend healthcare summit

London Business School is due to host the fifth annual Global Healthcare Conference for students and industry experts.

The event will be held on 12 November at the Royal College of Physicians in Regent's Park. It features speakers and panellists from different areas of healthcare including industry, finance, consulting, government and media.
Organisers say the conference aims to bring together healthcare providers, industry executives and government officials to look at ways to shape the future of the industry.
This year's keynote speaker will be Alex Gorsky, Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson. The closing speech will be delivered by Lord Howe, Under Secretary of State in the Department of Health.
Following Mr Gorsky's presentation, two panel discussions will take place. The first, entitled The Future Of Healthcare, will look at how systems are changing as the industry evolves, and how stakeholders can thrive in this environment.
The second panel, Innovation In Healthcare, will discuss how business leaders are aiming to increase value across the healthcare system.
The panels will include speakers from The Financial Times, The Boston Consulting Group, August Equity, The Wellcome Trust and Bupa, among others.
The Global Healthcare Conference is the Healthcare Club's flagship event and is one of the largest healthcare conferences in Europe.
It is also one of the most important student-led events at the School. It brings together students with an interest in the healthcare industry, finance, consulting and entrepreneurship, as well as representatives from other European business schools.
Attendees may also find that there are recruitment opportunities available.
John Dineen, chief executive of GE Healthcare, was the keynote speaker at the 2011 Conference.
He said: "In terms of spending time with the students and academia, we want them to know what we are about, we think we have a great story (GE Healthcare), we are the kind of company that people are going to feel good about working for and I want to come here and shamelessly try to attract those students to work for our business."

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