Employment rate strong for LBS MiM graduates

96% offered employment within three months of graduation

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Ninety-six per cent of the 2015 Masters in Management (MiM) graduates from London Business School accepted job offers within three months of graduation and seven started their own businesses, according to the latest employment figures from the School.

The School’s MiM Employment Report, published today, shows another strong year for its MiM graduates who have secured full-time employment. 

“Our Masters in Management graduates have the edge that top recruiters are looking for, with a terrific 96% of the class securing employment within three months of graduation. It’s fantastic to see our 2015 MiMs working in 94 companies across 31 countries”, said Lara Berkowitz, Executive Director, Career Centre, London Business School.

Of the 96% who accepted job offers within three months of graduating, 40% accepted jobs in the consulting sector, while 35% accepted roles in finance. 25% of students entered into corporate sector roles. This included 11% of graduates joining the technology, media and telecoms sector. 

“The most noticeable trend in recruitment this year was the number of students accepting jobs in the consulting sector. This has increased from 31% the previous year”, said Lara Berkowitz. “Firms such as Boston Consulting Group and McKinsey increased their LBS MiM hires from four and five last year, to 11 and seven respectively this year.

“Of those students who accepted roles within the finance sector, 18% went into investment banking. However, we have seen a slight reallocation from diversified financial services toward the buy-side, with 10% of the class going into investment management compared to 5% last year.”

Of the 94 companies that hired MiM students from London Business School, 21 of those hired two or more students. The top three recruiters are Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. 

The latest employment figures show the UK as the most popular destination, with approximately half (49%) of graduates accepting roles in the UK. The rest of Europe excluding the UK (23%) and Asia (17%) were the second and third most popular destinations for graduates.

Lara Berkowitz says: “Given more than half of students typically pursue careers outside of their country of study, London Business School stands out. Almost half of our graduates choose to stay in the UK, most staying specifically in London.”

2015 also saw an increase in overall salaries, with the average salary rising more than 4%, from £36,295 to £37,890.  

“The increase in salaries is largely driven by a 10.4% increase in the average consulting salary”, reports Lara Berkowitz.

“It has been another great year and we are proud of what our MiM students have achieved. We are excited by the growth of our “early career” programme portfolio, with the launch of the Global Masters in Management this year and the upcoming launch of the Masters in Financial Analysis in August 2016.” 

More information, including details of the sectors and locations the School’s MiM graduates have secured roles in, is available.