EMBA Global student wins $20 000 Cartier award

Prize for new business venture to help low-income entrepreneurs


Yasmina McCarty (EMBA-Global 2008) has received the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award of $20,000 and a year’s free business coaching to help launch her business GreenMango.

The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards, which were held in October 2007, are a unique business plan competition for female entrepreneurs in the initial phase that awards five laureates annually.

Green Mango is a business platform that Yasmina and her business partner developed to help low-income entrepreneurs grow their business.  GreenMango will use technology to help the poor to have greater access to their customers and promote the quality of their work.

Following her graduation this year, Yasmina will move to India to launch the pilot which she hopes will be a sustainable solution to improve the lives of the working poor.

Visit the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards website