Dubai and London join forces

The London and Dubai streams of London Business School’s Executive MBA (EMBA) programme have joined together for the first time to deliver a truly international programme experience.

Students who will be based at the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) joined London EMBA students this week for the opening block week, designed to fully integrate the two student groups, forging connections that will enrich their experience through the programme and beyond.

Comprising 130 highly experienced professionals with an average of 10 years’ work experience, the Dubai and London streams of the EMBA will share two additional modules at the London campus as well as connect through a range of electives, international assignments and events over their 20-month programme.

The change is a result of a recent curriculum review, which resulted in a number of key innovations to the programme, maximising the opportunities to develop global business capabilities and support each students’ personal growth.

Ruth Martel, Programme Director for London Business School’s EMBA, said:  “Welcoming a new class is always exciting but the buzz created by two streams coming together is really special.  The new programme structure now provides all our Executive MBAs with greater diversity of learning and internationalises their networks from day one. 

“Not only do the Dubai stream benefit from a greater connection with the heart of the our community, our London-based students have an opportunity gain an understanding of business in the Middle East – an increasingly important region in global business.”

Mohammed Alzubi is Director of Technology and Investment at the Dubai Silicon Investment Authority and started the programme in London this week. One of his key objectives is to seed innovation and entrepreneurship in the Middle East.

“A driving force behind doing the London Business School EMBA is the relevance and calibre of individuals engaged in the discussion and, of course, the world-class faculty,” he explained.

“It’s great to know that Dubai students get the same programme as our colleagues in London. Linking with London more closely also means you automatically broaden your network.”

London-based EMBA student, Dohyoung Kim, from South Korea, also sees a benefit in working with the Dubai cohort. He said: “It will be good to get real information about doing business in Dubai, as it’s such a promising region and our class is very interested in this.”

Maitha Alfalasi, an Emirati working as a director at the DIFC, added: “It’s a good opportunity to get to know London-based people from different business cultures, because working in Dubai, with everyone else from the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), we’re working in the same business environment.”

For Gaurav Malhotra, also based in Dubai, who works in sales and marketing for an international tyre company, the experience is about “a sense of oneness”.

“Being in London with both EMBA streams, you realise the global reach on campus. The programme is about learning from each other and gaining new perspectives,” he said.

“As well as the personal development side, I am looking forward to tapping into the global alumni network at London Business School.”