CreditEase fund included in LBS private equity course

CreditEase’s Yixin Private Equity Fund has been included in LBS’s private equity investment course

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CreditEase's new investors' asset allocation strategy, Yixin Private Equity Fund - a Fund of Funds (FoF) pooled investment reserve - has been recognised for its innovation and introduced to classes in private equity at London Business School. It is the first Chinese FinTech company to be selected as an LBS case study.

"We picked CreditEase FoF not only because it represents Chinese exploration on FinTech, but also because it is worth attention and research of private equity professionals around the world," said Professor Florin Vasvari, the programme leader and instructor, who spent nearly a year developing the course and interviewing the core team of CreditEase Private Equity FoF. Professor Vasvari is co-author of Private Capital, a highly acclaimed book endorsed by leading figures in the private equity industry.

Since its founding in 2013, CreditEase FoF's international team has produced managed assets of more than 25 billion yuan, making it a leading player among domestic market-oriented FoFs. It has invested in more than 200 funds and indirectly invested in more than 4000 high-growth enterprises covering TMT, health care, consumption upgrading, energy and environmental protection and other emerging industries. Of the many companies CreditEase FoF has invested in, more than 100 went public or were listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations.

"CreditEase FoF is a pioneer and practitioner of financial and technology innovation in China. It is of great research value to the global wealth management industry," said Dickie Liang-Hong Ke, Sloan Fellow at London Business School and a well-known innovation and entrepreneurship expert. Mr. Ke has been paying a lot of attention to the development of Fintech innovation in China for many years. He began to communicate with CreditEase two years ago, and initiated the interviews and kicked off the case study with Professor Florin Vasvari.

Tang Ning, CreditEase Founder and CEO, highlighted the rising role of FoF in wealth management and asset allocation that drives capital market positively and serves real economy, particularly new economy. "Market-oriented FoFs effectively connect social capital with the needs for scientific and technological innovation, providing long-term, patient and humane funding support," said Tang.

"A key contribution of FoF to the Chinese financial industry and the society is to perfectly match the enormous wealth created by traditional economy over the past 40 years, thanks to the reform and opening up, with the capital required by new economy to boost scientific and technological innovation for the next 40 years," he added.


About CreditEase

Founded in 2006, CreditEase is a world-leading FinTech conglomerate in China. It specializes in inclusive finance and wealth management with a dominant position in credit technology, wealth management technology, insurance technology, etc. The main business sectors of CreditEase include Yiren Digital, CreditEase Wealth Management and CreditEase Insurance. Better tech, better finance, better world.