Creativity is badly managed in most businesses author claims

New book The Spark tackles innovation acceleration


Creativity and innovation are badly managed in most companies according to the author of new book The Spark: How to Ignite and Lead Business Creativity.

Author Greg Orme, who is an alumnus of London Business School and currently directs Executive Education Programmes at the School explains: “Creativity and innovation drive business growth, profitability and staff engagement but they are not well managed in most companies. People think it’s a mystery and impossible to manage but this book makes it doable.

“With the recession and its focus on cost-cutting and productivity on the back-foot, and industries expanding once again, this is an opportune time for business to move forward in an exciting and passionate way. To grow your business, sparks must fly!”

From Apple’s late CEO, Steve Jobs, to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, great business leaders know that creativity and innovation are key to running and expanding a successful business, Orme argues.

Orme says: “Not only does it create new products, growth, and profitability, but it also harnesses employee enthusiasm and pride. Most importantly, it creates a positive cycle of success and optimism.”

Published by Pearson (July 2014), The Spark combines practical tips for accelerating innovation and achieving higher returns on R&D investment, while reimagining business strategies and reducing costs.

Crucial to an effective innovation strategy Orme believes is to develop a more innovative mind-set in service sections such as IT and HR.

Orme draws heavily on his 20-plus years of experience within the digital media and marketing sectors, working with senior executives to help transform businesses and develop inspiring leadership.