Conversations on Climate: Insights from Dean François

François Ortalo-Magné discusses the latest insights and trends in business sustainability

Conversations on Climate Insights from Dean Franois 1140x346

With the School’s increasing focus on sustainability and the need to urgently address rapid climate change, Dean François has shared his thoughts in an online interview by LBS alumnus Christopher Caldwell.

Conversations on Climate is presented by Christopher Caldwell and produced by United Renewables, in partnership with the School’s Energy & Environment Club. Season 2 of the popular online series kicks off with François discussing the harsh reality of climate change and the collective responsibility we all share in combating it. He discusses the latest insights and trends in business sustainability, and how companies can thrive in a world increasingly concerned about the environment.

Conversations on Climate is a series of conversations with experts from around the world that explore the biggest challenge of our time - before time runs out. As Christopher says: “The scope of the challenge before us is beyond that of any one individual or any one solution. So, we talk to thinkers, researchers, makers and business leaders. They discuss a diversity of ideas and solutions to the global climate and environmental issues and why they matter.”

Since his appointment in 2017, François has guided the School through the pandemic, Black Lives Matter, and the explosion of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) across the business world. Today he is fully focused on driving LBS into the future with the Forever Forward campaign, raising £200m to transform the school into a 21st Century powerhouse of research, innovation, diversity and world-beating education.

So far, the interview with Dean Francois has attracted 7000 viewers! If you’re interested in exploring the series further, Christopher has also interviewed Michael Jacobides, Julian Birkinshaw, Ioannis Ioannou and Lynda Gratton.